American Bar Endowment Life Insurance Review

We will review the life insurance benefits that are offered to attorneys through the American Bar Endowment (ABE). The benefits are only available for lawyers who are members of the American Bar Association. The ABE has an affiliation with an excellent life insurance carrier – New York Life Insurance Company. In fact, the ABE is celebrating 60 years.. More

Life Insurance for Attorneys

In general, attorneys pay close attention to details and aren’t easily swayed by marketing hype. Many life insurance sites on the Internet entice visitors with quote forms that can be misleading. Rather than providing an instant quote as expected, entering information only arms several (often 3 or more) insurance agents with contact information so they.. More

Banner Life Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Review

    We will provide a review of Banner Life’s Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance product. Quick Tip:  To see how Banner Life’s GUL compares to other carriers, enter your information into the quote engine for an instant comparison quote. Select “lifetime” to see the guaranteed universal life plans offered by the top carriers. Although Banner.. More

MetLife Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Review

This post is one in a series of reviews for leading carriers offering guaranteed universal life (GUL) insurance.  To learn more about this product, which is often referred to as Term for Life or Term to 100,  please read a review of GUL here and the pros and cons of GUL here. Usually, it’s not.. More

Is Term or Permanent Life Insurance Better? - sitting in fields by mountains

Is Term or Permanent Life Insurance Better?

Most people find us on the web and already know what they want.  You might have heard that it’s best to buy a 20-year or 30-year term policy and now you are checking out rates and carrier ratings.  Other people want to do some homework and check out all their options. You might have some questions and want.. More