Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates for 41 Year Olds

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates for 41 Year Olds Fishing SceneLife insurance rates increase as we get older, but rates are still very affordable for people in their 40s.  In this post we will look specifically at guaranteed universal life (GUL) insurance rates for 41 year olds – both male and female.

We are an independent agency and represent all the best companies for term and permanent life insurance.  Some life insurance companies have the most competitive (offer the lowest rates) for term life insurance, but might not offer guaranteed universal life insurance. If you don’t see a particular company, then just ask us.  It’s possible that they have great term life rates, but don’t offer permanent life insurance.

In fact, many carriers offer only certain types of term and permanent life insurance. Some carriers have excellent term policies and rates, but do not offer great guaranteed universal life insurance.

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We encourage people to use our instant quote engine.  You won’t have to jump through hoops to only find out an agent will contact you with rates.  You can see the rates quickly.  Keep in mind, not every company will appear on the quote engine, however, we can prepare a customized proposal showing ALL the leading carriers.  Just let us know if that’s what you would like.

How Our Rates and Carriers are Different From the “Mega” Online Agencies.

Most of the large or “mega” agencies only offer certain carriers.  Their quote calculators (like ours) won’t show every life insurance company.  However, what makes us different is that we have access to all the best carriers.  Even if a particular life insurance company doesn’t show up on the quote engine, we can quote them.  We will send a customized comparison quote showing all the leading companies.

Large insurance agencies cannot train their employees to a level of expertise with all the carriers and products.  We are experts with Guaranteed Universal Life insurance.  Because of our experience, we provide expert advice.  We understand the products and will help you make the best informed choice.

Guaranteed Universal Life, AKA: Term for Life

In a sense, guaranteed universal life insurance is term insurance for life (or term to age 100).  Unlike other types of permanent insurance, GUL is fully guaranteed – both the death benefit and the premiums.  There are no moving parts.  For a review of GUL and to see how it differs from other types of life insurance, click here.  To read about the pros and cons of guaranteed universal life, see our article here.

A couple of insurance companies call their guaranteed universal life insurance “no-lapse” universal life insurance.  The reason for this label is because many of the early generation Universal Life policies lapsed because they were sold improperly.  Back in the 1980’s – in the extremely high interest rate environment – universal life policies were sold based on non-guaranteed interest rates between 8% and 12%.

Universal Life policies were sold based on illustrations of unrealistic interest rates.  So, many policyholders found 15 to 20 years later that they needed to increase their premium payments or their policy would lapse.

So, to distinguish the GULs from the traditional universal life policies, some carriers refer to them as No Lapse Universal Life Insurance or Term to age 100.

Least Expensive Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates for 41 year olds

Keep in mind, the rates shown below are sample rates.  While the rates are accurate as of this writing, they fluctuate on a weekly basis.  For the most accurate rates, please use our instant quote engine since it is updated daily.

The sample rates should provide a good starting point and help you see the costs for various face amounts.


  • Preferred Non-tobacco (2nd best rate class) AND Standard Non-tobacco (average health).
  • Guarantee Age to 100 (AKA: Term for Life).
  • No Riders Added
  • Monthly rates are rounded to the nearest dollar.


Male             Face Amount $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
Rates for 41 year old – Preferred Rate Class $40 $58 $138 $270
Rates for 41 year old – Standard Rate Class  $46  $66 $157 $309



  • Preferred Non-tobacco (2nd best rate class) AND Standard Non-tobacco (average health).
  • Guarantee Age to 100 (AKA: Term for Life).
  • No Riders Added
  • Monthly rates are rounded to the nearest dollar.
Female             Face Amount $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
Rates for 41 year old – Preferred Rate Class $36 $49 $118 $220
Rates for 41 year old – Standard Rate Class  $42  $58 $137 $262

What if I’m a 41 year old and do not qualify for Standard or Preferred non-tobacco rates?

The rates shown above and below are for non-smokers.  The rates for smokers (or tobacco users) are roughly 40% to 50% higher.  Some carriers are more flexible with tobacco users.  For those who chew tobacco or occasionally smoke cigars, there are a some carriers who will consider you for Non-tobacco rates.  Ask about these carriers to see if you qualify.

How to Choose the Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Company at the Age of 41.

Although it is fairly easy to compare rates with Guaranteed Universal Life insurance, there are differences among companies and their products.  Some products have built-in policy provisions such as the option to receive a full refund of premiums at certain ages.  Other products offer accelerated death benefits to use for chronic illness care. Those are just two policy provisions.  We understand which products have the best value and can help you find the company that is the best fit.

Also, the duration of guaranteed universal life can vary.  We call this the “dial in” guarantee age.  With most companies, you can choose the guarantee age.  This age can vary from age 90 to age 120 or 121.  The longer the duration, the more expensive the policy.  Sometimes we refer to GUL as Term for Life or Term Insurance That Doesn’t Expire.  However, if you select a guarantee to age 90, then the policy might not stay in force for your entire life — if you live a long life. So, to be on the safe side, it is usually better to select a dial-in guarantee of age 100 or longer.


Consider Combining or Laddering Term Life and Guaranteed Universal Life.

Everybody’s situation is different.  For some folks a 20 or 30 year term policy will provide the protection they need for the duration they want.  Other people want to know they will have some life insurance in place after their term life insurance expires.  Laddering policies can involve purchasing two or more policies that have different term periods.

Another way to combine or ladder policies is by selecting one term policy and permanent policy, such as guaranteed universal life insurance.  Some people decide to split their term and permanent 75/25 or 50/50.  We can help you decide if this makes sense for you.


It’s always best to work with an independent life insurance agent.  If you want the most choice and the ability to choose from the top companies, then working with an independent agent is the way to go.  Also, look for experience.  It’s best to work with an agent who has a minimum of 10 years experience.  When speaking with an agent, ask about their experience.  Make sure you’re dealing with someone who is truly an expert.







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About Peachtree Insurance Advisors

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