I’m Greg Sanders and I am the founder and president of Peachtree Insurance Advisors and Peachtreelifeinsurance.com. Originally from Syracuse, N.Y., I moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked and went to school (and eventually met my wife, April). I graduated summa cum laude, number one in my class, from Georgia State University’s College of Health and Human Sciences.

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My insurance career began in 2000 when I obtained my grounding as a life, health and disability insurance consultant with Allstate Financial and then became a Registered Representative with MML (Mass Mutual Life) Investor Services, providing investment and insurance advice.

During my early years in the business, I was influenced by consumer advocates such as Clark Howard, who shared the pitfalls and poor practices often found in the insurance and financial services field. I quickly learned that most life insurance sales managers strongly encourage their agents to sell products that profit them the most. I realized that the high-pressure, one-size-fits-all approach was not for me (or my clients)! My desire to become an independent advisor and offer the very best products on the market led to the founding of Peachtree Insurance Advisors in 2004.

I want to put my experience and knowledge to work for you. Over the years, I have received numerous referrals from other financial professionals (as you will see on the testimonial page). They have recognized me as an expert in my field and know that I take good care of their clients. I started working with people all over the U.S. mainly due to referrals. Many people now find me online, but I want them to know that I will care for them the same way as someone who was referred to me by a friend or neighbor.

Here are a few reasons to consider working with me:


With a background as a financial advisor, I have the knowledge required to help clients understand all the important financial considerations related to life insurance.


With over 18 years experience, we have established relationships with underwriters at the top carriers. We understand how to properly shop the market (especially if you have any medical conditions) and secure the best offers possible.


Some large agencies say they are independent, but the reality is that they have only a handful of preferred carriers. First off, it is difficult to train employees to understand the nuances of the various carriers. It takes many years to understand how life insurance carriers underwrite cases differently.

Secondly, most agencies are compensated more if they place a certain amount of business with just a few carriers. Therefore, they are more likely to steer folks to these carriers. We show you all the carriers and help you make an informed decision.


Our testimonials are from clients and financial professionals. We care for our clients and are passionate about helping them find affordable protection for their families or businesses.

Personal Background:

Greg Sanders resides in Marietta and is a husband and father of three children: Jenna, Kyle and Joshua. Greg’s kids range from 8th grade to college freshman. His wife, April, spends most of her time caring for their children, teaching, and preparing healthy meals. April is training to become a doula. She has helped several friends during their pregnancies and birth, and realized she really enjoys doing this (and is great at it)!

Greg enjoys spending time with his family hiking, playing sports, reading, enjoying God and His creation. Greg and his family are active members of Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, GA.

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