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Sample Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates Scenic

Searching for life insurance rates on the Internet can bring mixed results.  Some sites look great, but when you complete the required information to get quotes, you simply get a message stating “One of agents will contact you”.  Three or more agents get your contact info. and compete for your business.

We don’t sell your information to anyone.  We provide instant quotes with no obligation and we only call you if you ask us to!  We respect your time and privacy.  Hopefully, you will find the articles on this site informative.  Then, if you want to talk about your options, we are glad to help.

This article will provide sample guaranteed universal life insurance rates from the leading carriers.  It’s not as simple to obtain rates  – even using our quote engine – because there are slight differences with GUL.  Term insurance is fairly straight forward.  You select the amount of coverage and the term length.  The process is not difficult.

There are variables.

Most carriers offer five or six underwriting classes for tobacco and non-tobacco users.  So, if you’re extremely healthy (and have a good family health history), then comparing “Preferred” or “Preferred Best” rates is easy.  However, underwriting guidelines vary with each carrier.  Some carriers make it very difficult to qualify for their best rate; other companies are more lenient.  That’s where we can help.

Comparing Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance rates introduces a new variable.  The guarantee age or the ”dial-in” age can vary.  Some people call GUL “term to age 100” or “term for life” or “term that doesn’t expire”.  Regardless of what this product is called, you have a choice as the guarantee age; it’s not always guaranteed to 100.  Most carriers (MetLife is an exception) allow you to choose the guarantee age from 90 to 120 or 121.

The longer the guarantee, the more expensive the policy.  For the sake of simplicity, we will look at policies guaranteed to age 100.  That is the default age used by most quote engines.  It is also a commonly selected guarantee age.

Before we look at some sample rates, it is important to note that you can use our instant quote engine to compare guaranteed universal life insurance polices.  Not all of the carriers we recommend show up on the quote engine.  We can quickly provide you with a customized comparison quote showing all the leading carriers – just ask us.

Sample Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Rates

The rates below are based on the following criteria:

  • Male
  • Preferred Non-tobacco (2nd best rate classification).
  • Guaranteed to Age 100 (Term for Life).
  • No Riders.
  • Monthly rates rounded to the nearest dollar.
Age $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
30 $24 $37 $103 $182
35 $32 $47 $109 $211
40 $36 $56 $132 $258
45 $46 $69 $165 $315
50 $56 $86 $205 $386
55 $68 $110 $263 $505
60 $87 $143 $337 $664


The rates below are based on the following criteria:

  • Female
  • Preferred Non-tobacco (2nd best rate classification).
  • Guaranteed to Age 100 (Term for Life).
  • No Riders.
  • Monthly rates rounded to the nearest dollar.
Age $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
30 $26 $34 $77 $143
35 $30 $40 $92 $174
40 $34 $47 $113 $214
45 $41 $54 $136 $253
50 $49 $72 $175 $322
55 $61 $90 $219 $428
60 $74 $120 $281 $540


These rates can be useful just to get an idea of the cost for various face amounts.  Again, rates vary based on health, family history, and other factors.  Sometimes, we have clients that are in excellent health, but they take a medication for a condition that is well controlled.

Some carriers will automatically place an applicant in a lower underwriting class based on one medication.  Other carriers want to see the “full picture” and will wait to receive additional information before making a decision.  We stay very involved in this process to make your our clients get the best underwriting class possible.

Why Do Life Insurance Companies Sometimes Change Your Actual Age?

In the life insurance industry, the older you are, the higher the rates.  As you can see by the sample rates, the premiums tend to climb a lot higher for people in their 50s, 60s and older.

Sometimes, people want to lock in rates before their next birthday.  This can be a good idea in most situations.

The vast majority of carriers use your Nearest Birthday when determining rates.  So, if you are less than six months away from your next birthday, they will consider you a year older.  There are some carriers that use actual age when determining rates.   Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha) uses your actual age.  This can make a significant difference in the premium.

Not to worry, though, if you’re just slightly more than six months past your birthday.  Most carriers allow you to “save age”.  This enables you to lock in your age at the lower rates.  This means you might have to pay an extra month or two of premium.  With products like Guaranteed Universal Life, it makes sense to save age (and pay for an extra month or two) when appropriate since the long-term savings would be significant.

Monthly Rates versus Annual Rates

The rates quoted are based on a monthly premium mode.  If you are trying to determine the annual rate, it is not as simple as multiplying by 12 (although that will give you a good estimate).  The premium is slightly lower if you pay on an annual basis.  The same is true for other premium modes (quarterly and semi-annually).

We recommend paying either monthly or annually.  Our quote engine will show both the monthly and annual premium.  The reason why we don’t recommend the other premium payment modes is because industry statistics show that policies paid on a quarterly or semi-annual basis are more likely to lapse due to a missed payment.

It’s easier to miss a payment if a quarterly invoice is overlooked.  Usually, people set up their premium payments on an automatic bank-draft or auto bill pay.  Many guaranteed universal life policies will allow a missed payment (that is made up later) without the policy lapsing or losing the guarantees.

The “Dial-in” Age of Guaranteed Universal Life Policies

As previously noted, most carriers allow you to select the guaranteed age.  Although the quotes shown are guaranteed to age 100, there are other options.  At this time, MetLife only offers a GUL that is guaranteed to age 95.  Most other carriers allow guarantees to age 120 or 121.

Some people feel like it’s worth paying a lower premium in exchange for the risk of living past age 100.  Others don’t want to take a chance and would hate to pay into a plan for many years only to have it terminate one or two years before they die.

We can show you different scenarios, so it’s not a problem to prepare quotes for various dial-in ages.


This sample of guaranteed universal life insurance rates should help you get a pretty good feel for the cost of this type of coverage.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a customized comparison quote. We are glad to help.










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