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AICPA Life Insurance Riders

In this article we will look at the AICPA life insurance riders offered through their group plans.  Are they a good value and worth adding to your policy?  We will examine these riders and help you make a decision. Sometimes selecting a life insurance policy is rather simple.  If you are in excellent health and one top-rated carrier.. More

AICPA Life Insurance in Retirement

AICPA Life Insurance in Retirement

When you reach retirement age, your need for life insurance often changes.  During your years in the workforce, the focus is on accumulating wealth.  Protecting the source of income (you) is also a primary concern.   When you retire, it’s important to reevaluate your needs and desires with respect to life insurance. In this article, we will look.. More

Should I Replace My AICPA Life Insurance?

Should I Replace My AICPA Life Insurance?

Replacing life insurance is a process we take seriously.  Unless it is clearly advantageous for you to replace your policy, we advise against it.  Sometimes, it’s not as simple as comparing two identical term policies and involves a detailed analysis.   In this article, we look at all the important considerations and answer the question, “Should.. More

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Life Insurance for CPAs

Where do CPAs turn for life insurance quotes and advice?  A very small percentage of CPAs are licensed to sell life insurance. Most look to an experienced agent/advisor for help.  In this article, we look at the issues pertaining to CPAs and life insurance. For Instant Life Quotes, Please Use Our Quote Engine on this.. More

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AICPA Life Insurance Trust Refunds

Trust Refunds are an integral part of the life insurance plans offered through the AICPA. Understanding how the refunds reduce premium contributions is important when evaluating plans. In this article, we will examine how the AICPA Trust Refunds impact members. In other articles, we discuss the pros and cons of AICPA life insurance, as well as provide a review.. More

AICPA Life Insurance Pros and Cons

AICPA Life Insurance Pros and Cons

If you want to quickly assess the Pros and Cons of the group life insurance plans available through the AICPA, then this article will suffice.  However, for people who want to delve further into the plan features, riders and other important aspects of the AICPA coverage, we have more in-depth articles available.  A good place to.. More

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AICPA For Family Members

This article is one in a series on life insurance offered through the AICPA.  Our AICPA Life Insurance Review looks closely at the term life insurance products offered by the AICPA.  The AICPA life insurance rates are compared to other leading term carriers in an article here. For Instant Life Insurance Quotes, Please Use Our Quote Engine On This.. More

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AICPA Life Insurance Rates

In this article, we compare the life insurance rates offered through the AICPA to other leading companies.  In our recent article, AICPA life insurance review, we examine the two term products offered by the AICPA. It can be a little confusing making sense of their two term products.  These plans are referred to by different names throughout.. More

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AICPA Life Insurance Review

With over 400,000 members, CPAs look to the AICPA for advocacy, community and benefits.  Some of these benefits are clearly advantageous to members; other benefits are not necessarily “beneficial”. In this article, you will learn about the life insurance plans offered to members of the AICPA.  You’ll learn exactly what types of coverages are offered and whether or not they.. More